Who We Are



VAN Team
Kostas Kyriakopoulos Chief Consultant / Team Coordinator
Arilena Dimitriou Developer / Head Curator – Researcher
Spyros Kapralos Researcher
Petros Botsarakos

Research Team
Zoi Pahounti (+ Linguistics Curator)
Marianna Plomariti (+Video Montage)
Alexia Lymperi
Penny Tsouti

Contributing QJNT (ΕCI) Students
Maria – Niki Georganta
Panayiotis Mavraganis
Zoi Pahounti
Vaso Papameleti
Katerina Ponti
Dimitra Sgoura
Konstantinos (Kostis)  Spirou
Georgia (Zeta) Tzioti

Nikos Loupakis
TD, AudioVisual on location support
Michalis Ioannidis AudioVisual on location support
Panos Konstantopoulos  Art Director / Graphics Journalism
mag. Nikos Sidiropoulos  – ARC Technologies, ILSP – Xanthi
mag. George BolanisNMC2, Contributor
George Papadakis – Special Contributor

Prof.dr. George Cambourakis – ECI board / Academic Consultant
mag. Mario Nottas – Project Head

Original VAN Research Concept instigated by Prof.dr. Katerina Sarikakis, University of Vienna

JAJ /  Journalists About Journalism Content Contributor/Synergy
Vienna University / Media Governance & Industries Research Lab /Articles by kind permission /Synergy

We would like to thank the Hellenic Representation of the European Parliament.
Special thanks to:
– The Communication Team of the Athens Office,
– Journalist / Spokesperson mr. Kostas Tsoutsoplides


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